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We arrange guided kayaking experiences and courses with Sea Kayak in the most beautifull places in Southern Sweden:

  • Nationalpark Åsnen, Småland

  • Karlshamn's Archipelago, Blekinge

Thisis a nature experience, an adventure and a nice way to spend a day ormore in a natural environment. Topaddle on big waves in the sea, to discover hidden  beaches  and  to  eat  your  lunch  on  a  desert  island.  Can  be  an  unforgettable  journey.
Our local guides have many years  of experience  and  know  the  area  well.  You  will  see beautiful  places  and  hear  storryies  that only  those  who   liv here  know

Sea Kayaking is  not as hard as many  think  it  is, but  you  have  to  respect  the  sea.  Therefore  we  start all  our  trips  with a  basic  training  course in  sea  kayaking.

One day trips and courses

Organized every Sunday with even dates

April-May and September-October we paddle at the sea by the archipelago Karlshamn
June-August we paddle at the lake Åsnen, in the National park Åsnen

Time: ap. 6h


All special equipment (kayak, paddle, chapel, life jacket)
Guiding both water and land

2790 SEK 2 persons

Other time against reservation. Price 5580 SEK up to 4 people.
Try kayaking

See if kayaking is something for you
During this shorter trip you will learn to step in and out of the kayak, handle the paddle, the basics of safety on water. We also take a little round along the beach.

Time span: 2h


All special equipment (kayak, paddle, chapel, life jacket)

during July every Wednesday from kl. 11.00 - 13.00 Price: 350kr / person

Other time against reservation. Price 1400 SEK up to 4 people.

See the calender for exact dates.