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Rental of kayaks, canoes, rowing and motorboat

All equipment are on our base camp, Norraryds Camping in Ryd.

The canoes we have for hire are Linder's aluminum canoes, Inkas 525.

Length: 525 cm
Width: 90 cm
Weight: 38 kg
Load capacity: 400 kg
Maximum number of people: 3

All activities are at your own risk.

When renting durine the night, a costs of 40 SEK / day will be added as accommodation fee. This fee is paid for the Värdesleden canoe and overnight accommodation. Around the lake Åsnen is only allowed to camp on these intended places.

Wi deliver the kayaks or canoes to any places arround the Åsnen lake.


loading charge: 300Sek up to 4 kayaks/canoes, after 50 SEK/kayak/canoe
tranport charge: 70SEK/10km. Paid both directions.

Prices are for the camping guests.
For a
outsider will added a fee of 50kr / equipment and day
upp to 3hday
Friday - Sunday
7 days
Rowing boat in Hönshyltefjord
Electic motor to the rowing boat150
Canadian / Kanu 2 persons
paddle, life west
Sea kayak
Fisching kayak - sit om topp
1 person
paddle, kapell, life west
Sea kayak
Fisching Kayak
2 person
paddle, kapell, life west
Rent weekend packages Basic
The canoe package includes: 1 canoe (Inkas 525), 2 paddles, 2 life jackets, 1 water tank 5 ltr., as well as 1 canoe carriage.
Additional equipment is available for rent.
Rent a canoe package "Maxi"
The canoe package "Maxi" includes:
1 canoe (Inkas 525), 2 paddles, 2 life jackets, 1 water tank 5 ltr, 1 canoe carriage, 1 tent 2-3 pers., 2 sleeping bags, 1field kitchen, Trangia (T-alcohol not included), 4x60l-s bags

All activities are at your own risk.

Rental Terms of kayaks, canoes, rowing and motorboat

-You can swim at least 200 m
-You wear a lifejacket (included in price of rental)
-You send Ursula Adventure planned route
-If you are delayed notifies you feel to Ursula's Adventure

Booking and payment
Booking is binding even if made by phone. For bookings 14 days or more prior to departure, payment of a fee of 50% of the total rent in advance. This part is a part of the rental amount and the remaining amount will be paid on delivery. When booking in time, you will receive a written confirmation.

- If canceled 0-7 days before departure, you paid 50% of total rent.
- If canceled 8 or more days prior to departure, you pay 25% of the total rent.
- Cancellation insurance can be taken out. Price 75 SEK /kayak /Kanut /boat. It shall enter into force on you, or a loved one becomes sick or injured.
- The cancellation insurance gives you, when it comes into force, all fees paid in return. (Besides the 75 Sek which cover costs.)

Liability and insurance
- All paddling with leased equipment is at your own risk.
- In case of damage or theft of the rented equipment, you are responsible for payment.
- Ursula's Adventure has no insurance that you can utilize. Check with your insurance company on your home insurance applies to damage or loss of the rented equipment.
- Kayaks and other equipment must be returned cleaned well. Mushrooms are included.

- Are you a beginner, we recommend you to go beginners course in kayaking before the tour. In other cases, we may deny you rent a kayak in certain weather conditions.
- Always wear your lifejacket! (Included in rental price)
- All touring kayaks are equipped with a bailer and safety line for the paddle. The canoes are equipped with a bailer.
- Bilge pump and paddle floats can be rented separately.
We reserve the right to not let you paddle if the weather is too bad!

Maps and suggested routes

Map Åsnen can be purchased at the front desk. We also have a number of good tips on fine roosting. We can help you to plan a suitable paddle. Remember that it is the weather and your experience will determine your choices. You may not be averse to change your original plan.

Right of Public Access and outdoor wit
Everyman's rights is not only a fantastic opportunity to visstas in nature, but also obligations. Remember to cherish nature as your best friend. If you want, you can get more information about Everyman's right when you pick the kayak / canoe / boat.