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The Åsnen area is best visited by bicycle (or kayak).

Youcan ride on bicycle paths completely without car traffic, on smallwinding paved roads with very little traffic or on cool gravel roads inthe forest.

Below is information about our bicycle services you can book in advance:

  • rental of bicycles
  • guided tours
  • bicycle package - do it yourself with overnight stay, diet and tour suggestions
  • tipped on bike tours you can do yoursel


Rental of bicycles - book in advance

We have 4 bikes  you can rent  directly from us. They are suitable for both gravel
and asphalt roads. Please book them in advance.

Sizes from 160 cm to 190 cm

Price SEK 350 / day, SEK 250 / half day (9-13 or 13-17)

You can even rent a bike at 

with flexible pick-up and drop-off solutionsin the Åsnen area. Choose between electric bikes, mountain bikes,children’s bikes and traditional bikes, as well as various options suchas bicycle carts and bicycle bags. Bicycle helmet is included in therent. 

You need to book in advance.

Order it to Norraryds camping to get it at the place.